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padAAA 1 Hour Charger With 850 mAh Batteries

  • Fully charges four AAA batteries in less than one hour
  • Charges AA and AAA batteries
  • 2 cells Charging LED indicators
  • Changes to trickle charge to keep batteries at peak readiness
  • Foldable flat pin for easy storage
  • Universal worldwide usage 100/240V

  • . Package Includes
  • Battery charger for 4 AA & AAA batteries
  • 4 Ni-MH 850mAh AAA rechargeable batteries
  • Universal worldwide Adaptor

  • …More Info.
  • This CTA charger kit is specifically designed for use with today’s high-tech devices such as digital cameras, MP3 players, CD players, handheld games, portable radios, and all other electronic equipments using AAA or AA batteries. The kit includes four AAA 850 mAh nickel metal hydride ultra high capacity rechargeable batteries and a European adapter suitable for global travel.

  • Availability: Usually ships the next business day.

    DC-1AAApadRegular price $24.99padOur price: $16.99pad

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